HWS Mortality Database

The passing of a hedgehog is one of the most difficult times for a hedgehog guardian. We hope that by collecting information about the causes of hedgehog deaths, someday we can learn more about how to keep them healthy.

If you have a departed hedgehog, we are asking for your help in our quest for knowledge. Please fill out the survey to the best of your ability. There will be questions you may not be able to answer, and that is okay. Every little bit of information is one piece of the big puzzle and is useful.

We are also interested in the behavior as well as the mortality of hedgehogs from the 2009 Texas rescues. Each person who adopted a rescue from the US Global Exotics seizure agreed to notify the Hedgehog Welfare Society at the time of the hedgie's passing.

We thank you in advance for your selfless efforts to share information with us. Again, we are sorry for the crossing of your hedgehog.

Owner's Name:
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Hedgehog's Name:
Is this hedgehog part of the 2009 U.S. Global Exotics seizure in Texas: Yes
General Location:
IHR Registration Number (if registered):
Color of hedgehog (if known):
Gender of hedgehog: Male
Did you purchase this hedgehog from a breeder, purchase from a pet store, take him/her in as a rescue, or take him/her in as a rehome:
Date of death: //
(Just YEAR is fine if that is all you know)
To the best of your knowledge, how old was the hedgie when he/she passed. It's okay to give us a good guess, but if so, please note that it's a guess. (Hedgehogs that were adults when the Texas seizure took place were assigned a birth date of Oct. 15, 2009. Those born after the seizure without a know birth date were assigned January 15, 2010.) Years   Months
Exact Age
Cause of death if known (Be as specific as possible. For instance uterine cancer would be better than just cancer.). If jaw cancer was it the upper or lower jaw?
Was the diagnosis confirmed by a veterinarian or necropsy? Yes
Was there was a necropsy performed? Yes
If yes, was the tissue sent out to pathology? Yes
Was the hedgehog euthanized? Yes
Was the hedgehog ill before he/she passed? Yes
Was the hedgehog housed with other hedgehogs? Yes    If Yes, How Many:
Had the hedgehog ever received Invermectin or Revolution? Yes
If Yes, Invermectin
If yes, by what route? Oral
Did the hedgehog drink out of a water bowl or water bottle? Bowl
Was the hedgehog spayed or neutered? Yes    If Yes, at what age:
If this was a breeding female, how many litters did she have during her lifetime?
What was her age during her first pregnancy?
If your hedgehog was from the Texas seizure, did it exhibit any unusual behaviors that may have resulted from stress before the seizure? Frantic running or escape behavior
Over Eating
Under Eating
Failure to maintain weight
Quill loss
Night terrors
If your hedgehog exhibited this behavior, how long did he/she exhibit the behavior?
Do we have your permission to use this information for scientific research purposes? Yes
Do you have any further comments to add that might be important in understanding this hedgehog's health?