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Pet African Hedgehogs - A Complete Guide to Care  by Kimberly Halzen

Guide for Living with Uncommon Indoor Pets  by Daniela Gonzalez

How to take care of you pets in a Disaster

Hedgehog FAQ Sheet

Hedgehog Care Sheet

Hedgehog Care Sheet (Spanish version)

What supplies do I need for my new hedgehog?  by Elaine Becker

Hedgehog Health Insurance

Help With Vet Bills - Care Credit

Live Like Roo for Pets Diagnosed with Cancer

Share with a Shelter Handout

Hedgehog Lab Values

Hugh Warwick's Radio Interview About Hedgehogs

Nutritional Value of Worms

   Understanding Pet Food Labels

Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS)
   Dealing with Wobbly  by Laura Mowrey
   Massage for a Wobbly Hedgie  by Vicki McLean

Providing a poison-safe home for your pet